Academic Positions


Assistant Professor: Psychology, UMass Dartmouth (2017-present)

Associated Personnel: Deaf & Hard of Hearing Program, Boston Children's Hospital (2016-present)

Research Scholar: Linguistics, UConn (2017-present)

Postdoctoral Fellow: Linguistics, UConn (2013-2017)

Postdoctoral Researcher: Linguistics, UC San Diego (2012-2013)

Ph.D: Cognitive Pyschology, UC San Diego (2006-2012)

B.A: Brain & Cognitive Sciences, University of Rochester (1999-2003)

Under revision: R21 (NIDCD) 

2013-2016: F32/NRSA (NIDCD)

2013-2015: Newton Fellowship (British Academy & Royal Society) - awarded, but declined

2014-2015: IGERT Discovery Award (NSF/UConn)

2013-2014: Communication Disorders Grant (UConn)

2011-2012: Rita L. Atkinson Fellow for Interdisciplinary Research, UC San Diego


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