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Students Mentored

Dissertation/Thesis Supervision

Want to join the lab?

Undergraduate research assistants welcome! 
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Russell Richie

Dissertation Committee Member
UConn, Psychology

Lee Prunier

Senior Thesis Mentor

UConn, Linguistics

Y. Danbi Ahn

Senior Thesis Co-Mentor

UC San Diego, Psychology

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Research Assistants

  • Y. Danbi Ahn

  • Elena Churilov

  • Shereen Cohen

  • Kris Claypool

  • Cait Scott

  • Kenny Oyama

  • Isabel Sharman

  • Adrienne Foley

  • Lan Cao

  • Ecem Coban

  • Rakel Duenyas

  • Brittany Hernandez

  • Alex Kuo

  • Jayd Blankenship

  • Kristi Cheng

  • Lena Sun

  • Jessica Liu

  • Megan Brown

  • Sarah Lodge

  • Jenna Shaw

  • Shea Marsella

  • Lee Prunier

  • Keri Decelles

  • Kali Cika

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