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Teaching Interests


  • Introduction to Psychology

  • Cognitive Psychology

  • Developmental Psychology

  • Psychology of Language

  • Language Acquisition

  • Cognitive Development

  • Research Methods


  • Introduction to Linguistics

  • Psycholinguistics

  • Sign Language Linguistics

  • Language Evolution

  • Language Emergence

  • Functionalism & Diachrony

  • Multilingualism

Communication Sciences & Disorders

  • Language Development in Deaf Children

  • Cognitive Development in Deaf Children

  • Sign Language & Deaf Culture

  • Language & Cochlear Implants

  • Language Deprivation

  • Gestural Communication

  • Translational Research

Teaching Experience

Sign Language & Its Culture

Designed to engage students with no prior background, this lecture-based course introduces students to the scientific study of human language by exploring how sign languages are structured, used, and acquired.  Along the way, we study the history and culture of the Deaf communities and the role that language plays in shaping individual and collective identity. 


Course Evaluations

Sample Lecture Podcast & Slides

Fall 2012

Language Evolution & Language Emergence

Suitable for graduate and advanced undergraduate students, the first half of this seminar-style course explores theories of the historical evolution of the human language faculty. In the second half, we turn to the empirical study of newly-emerging sign languages worldwide. 


Course Evaluations

Fall 2015

Language & Culture

This writing-intensive, discussion-oriented course allows students to refine their written and oral communication skills while grappling with questions about the nature of language and its impact on society.  Do animals have language?  Does the language we use shape our thoughts? Should countries have official languages? Should we work to preserve dying languages? Should deaf children learn to listen and speak? Throughout, we emphasize the interplay of evidence and argument.

Spring 2017

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Guest lecture, Fall 2015

Language & Culture
UConn Linguistics

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